Do you know where your septic tank is located?
 If you don't know where your tank is, we can usually locate it pretty easily. Once found, we can install a riser for a fee so that you don't forget where it is and its easier to access.

    Do you know how frequently  you should have your septic tank cleaned?
It is recommended to be cleaned every 3 years. There are some factors that can influence this, such as, tank size, number of occupants, and the number of bathrooms.  All of these things contribute to how full the tank gets and how often it should be pumped.  

 Has your septic tank ever been cleaned? 
If the answer to this question is no.  Then my guess is you're probably waiting for your septic system to show signs that it needs some maintenance.  Well, I hate to tell you but it doesn't work that way.  Once you start seeing signs, those are problems that are expensive and not easily fixed. The whole point of pumping your septic tank is to keep the sludge level from getting too high and starts spilling into other parts of the system where it should not go.

 Do you know what it costs to replace a failed septic system?

Well, depending on what needs to be replaced and where you live. It can start around $10,000 and go up from there.  Not only is the cost aggravating but the time without plumbing is very inconvenient.

Do you know that septic systems can contaminate drinking water if not properly maintained?
As noted earlier the septic system is a very important process that requires regular maintenance to keep the waste from leaking into the drainage field.  The drainage field is where the water filtration process continues.  Furthermore, if the drainage field is full of waste that should've been pumped out, the water will not get filtered, therefore putting your loved ones at risk.

What do you know about your septic?

So how did you do? 

Are you a responsible septic system owner or did you not fare so well?  If you did less than desirable don't fret you may still be able to redeem yourself but don't wait!

Do you know what causes septic systems to fail?
There are a multitude of reasons that a septic system can fail, we'll stick with the most common. First and foremost not pumping your septic tank.  Not pumping your tank allows the organic and inorganic matter to buildup. Which then will start to overflow into the drainage field, where it then plugs the drainage lines and then you have no where for the water to go. Secondly flushing trash down the toilet such as personal products, wipes, etc...  These items do not decompose and only cause problems if not cleaned out regularly.

 Do you know what a septic system is and how it works? 
 Most people know that a septic system is used to contain waste when you live in a rural area.  However the actual importance of the process is overlooked or misunderstood.  The septic system in itself is a personal treatment plant that uses the soil to treat the water as it's reintroduced back into the water table.  As the wastewater leaves the house it flows through your septic tank where it separates the different components.  The solids and scum settle to the bottom of the tank while the water leaves continuing thru the treatment process. The tank harbors bacteria which digests the scum.  After the wastewater is partially treated by the bacteria in the septic tank it moves on to the distribution box. The distribution box distributes the water evenly to the network of strategically placed lines making the drain field. The drain lines have holes in them that allow the water to escape to the soil where it is further treated and purified.  Then the water continues on to the water table where it starts the process over again.

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Do you know what size of septic tank you have?
Again, if you answered no and don't know this answer you should find out by getting it pumped soon. 

 Do you know if you have an effluent filter?

If you do then great, that will greatly decrease the chances of sludge and garbage like material leaking into your drainage field.  However, having the filter does require that you clean it regularly or it can easily cause your system to back up.

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 How clean is your house? Do you know what that does to a septic system? 
Now this question might seem a little odd but if you have a really clean house by way of chemicals its really bad for your septic.  When you combine all of the anti-bacterial agents with the house hold cleaners they kill off the bacteria necessary to digest the organic matter in your tank.  Effort in replenishing those bacteria regularly will help keep your tank healthy.