Biotab is a biological activator it contains highly concentrated amounts of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria.  This means that there are benefits to the septic tank as well as the drainage field. We can provide you with treatments to get your tank bacteria up and digesting again. 

When it comes

to cleaning your

septic tank

not all

pumpers are the same

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Effluent Filter Installation

  The effluent filter is your last defense to keep solid matter out of your drainage field.  It will show signs of needing to be cleaned before causing irreparable damage to your drainage field.  If you don't have a filter there will be no signs! There are many variations of effluent filters here is an example of one type.

We use equipment to make sure that we get the sludge from the bottom of the septic tank not just the waste water and scum off the top.  Therefore, ensuring a properly cleaned septic tank. 

After the tank is properly cleaned we recommend the use of a monthly treatment.  Biotab maintains the health of the tanks bacteria. We can supply you with this treatment to keep your tank healthy.

Septic Tank


Crust Buster gives us the accessibility to reach the bottom of the tank

Riser Installation:  Having a riser installed would be a constant reminder of where your septic tank is located and allows access to the tank without having to dig.

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